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Selva Lee Tucker
Tucks is your only Legally License Certified SouthEast Flooring Inspector
Certified Hardwood Floor Inspector
  • Certified by the National Wood Flooring Association in 2005
Certified Ceramic Tile Floor Inspector
  • Certified by the Ceramic Tile Education Foundation 1999 * 2005
Certified Carpet, Vinyl, VCT, Wood and Tile Inspector
  • Certified by FCITS and ITS
Servicing South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia and Eastern Tn
NWFA     CTEF     TCA     FCITS    
Floor Inspectors Educational Guild

Floor Inspectors

If you are looking for an Expert Floor Inspector, you will find the information on this site you will need to help you through the difficult situation you have found yourself. I can help you with your Flooring Problems. 

Expert Flooring Inspection Services

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Hardwood Floor Inspector Expert - Trained and Certified Hardwood Flooring Inspector by:

North Carolina State University Wood Extension Department 
The National Oak Flooring Manufacturers Association and The National Wood Flooring Association - Inspector and Installer

Ceramic Tile Inspector Trained by:

The Ceramic Tile Education Foundation and Tile Council of America trained Expert Ceramic Tile Inspector and Installer - Certified ICR Ceramic Tile Inspector
floor inspectors

864 238 5507
704 234 7229
Historic Church outside Beaufort, SC

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Tucks Service States:
South Carolina
North Carolina
Eastern Tn

Tucks Inspection Service also is not controlled by any organizations or associations supported and controlled by manufacturers.
This is a free independent inspection service that will provide you with the truth, and will not be controlled by special interest. 

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Ceramic Tile Inspector (Inspections)floor inspectors

Starting in Asheville, NC downtown inspecting their revitalized hotels,
Greensboro's NC shopping district.
Raleigh's NCSU campus,
Chapel Hill's UNC campus, 
Wilmington's Historic district, 
down to Myrtle Beach's Kings Row condos, 
Mt. Pleasant's Isle of Palms golf communities, to the University of Charleston's new library in Charleston, SC on to the Plantations on Hilton Head Island;
Continue into Georgia to Ty Bee's Island, Savannah's beach playground, to Way Cross, GA to Fort Benning in Columbus to Atlanta's downtown's World Market, I service the Southeast for YOU Inspecting your Flooring Failures and Concerns in homes and commercial sites!

Steve Tolli Services New York, New Jersey, Pa. and Conn. Click here to contact Steve
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